Episode 11

How to Be a Great Podcast Host and Interviewer

When it comes to being a great podcast host, or podcast interviewer, there are really only two things you need to concentrate on, so let's find out what these are.

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You're listening to One Minute Podcast Tips. I'm your host Danny Brown and each episode helps you be a better podcaster. Find all the latest episodes at OneMinutePodcastTips.com or free wherever you get podcasts. And now, this week's episode.


In last week's episode, we talked about how to find podcast guests. This week, it's all about how to be a great podcast host, for when you have guests on your show. And there are


really only two main things that you have to do. The first one is research.


Research, research, research. Get to know all about your guests, their appearances, their background, fun little facts that may not have been picked up on other podcasts and little things that they're saying on social media that you can ease


into your conversation. And this really helps to make your interview that little bit different from the other ones that they've gone through already. And


try finding little things from the past that you can bring up that are fun and entertaining and maybe they haven't spoken about before. So if there's


someone that started a company when they were 20 for example, ask them what they would have done differently knowing what they know now 10 years later or 15 years later. Think of the different things you can talk about to make your interview just that little bit different. And the second part is being a good listener.


The amount of times I've heard podcast hosts interject when their guest is speaking, or even just give vocal affirmation of a point that's been made, you know when you hear them go hmm, hmm, right, hmm, yeah. You don't need to do that. Let the guests speak, let them breathe, give them proper speaking time because that's why you've invited them on to start with is to speak and to tell you about their story.


And that's what your listeners want they want to hear about your guest story. Yes,


they want to hear you but they really want to hear your guest's story. So research, fun research and listen and that'll help you stand out with your


interview show. Until the next time, happy podcasting. Thanks for listening. If you're enjoying One Minute Podcast Tips be sure to leave a five-star rating or review on


Apple Podcasts or Spotify and help others find the show too. Until next time, happy podcasting.

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