Episode 16

What's the Best Option for Your Podcast Website?

In episode two of One Minute Podcast Tips, I shared why having a podcast website is a good idea. But what's the best option when it comes to running a website for your podcast?

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You're listening to One Minute Podcast Tips. I'm your host Danny Brown, and each episode helps you be a better podcaster. Find all the latest episodes at oneminutepodcasttips.com or free wherever you get podcasts. And now this week's episode.


In episode two I shared why it's a good idea to have a podcast website. But what should you build your website on? Well, generally there are three main options. There's your podcast host, there's a page builder or a site builder like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, et cetera, or there's dedicated websites from software companies. So if your podcast host offers a free website, that's a great way to get started. I use the free Captivate site for One Minute Podcast Tips and it's a really good looking site and it does exactly what I need. It displays my episodes and it allows me to have a little call to action on there too.


If you want a bit more control and a few more options, then a self hosted website is the way to go. So this could be WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Google Domains, et cetera, and this will allow you to create a website and offer some more features. So online shop, forum, community, private area, etc. It does involve more manual management but it does give you more control.


If you wanted the best of both worlds then something like Podpage or Podcastpage would be the way to go. These are dedicated podcast website companies that offers the flexibility of a self managed website. So extra pages, blog posts, shops, etc, without needing to actually manage it yourself. Basically you add the sections you need depending if you're on the free plan or a paid plan, and Podcastpage or Podpage will take care of the rest. So yes, have a website and then just choose what option is the best one for you. Until the next time, happy podcasting.


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